Trello (again) - thoughts?

For those who couldn't make today's deep dive[*], I talked about the
Trello board I set up a few weeks ago:

I'd be interested in any feedback. I'm not sure we're using it
particularly well at the moment, but maybe with some changes it could
become useful - else shutting it down might be best.

My hope is that we can begin assigning PR reviews to people (that
includes anybody who wants to be involved!), maybe helping out Ohad and
the demands on his time.

My second hope is that it helps contributors (I'm thinking of Daniel in
particular as he's had lots of PRs in flight recently) who are wondering
why their PRs are stalled, and if we assign tasks, who to nag. I find
this quite valuable when working with the Puppet project.


[*] Google+ hangout sessions we do some Tuesdays:

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