Ubuntu client

Is there any documentation on how to add a Ubuntu client? also does anyone have any experience in adding the katello repository link to the list of repositories in Ubuntu

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 2.3.3 Katello 3.18

Distribution and version:
Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 20.04

There is some documentation here: http://apt.atix.de/

Be aware that others using that documentation have run into trouble since usage of these client also requires some additional Pulp configuration that we have not yet added to that documentation, so make sure you also have a look at this thread: Ubuntu Suites and Components

If you have additional questions or suggestions, @maximilian and myself are probably the right people to ask.


FYI: There’s a new blog article on how to serve content and deploy hosts running Debian 10. This should be rather similar to Ubuntu. You can also have a look at the downstream guide on how to manage systems running Ubuntu.


This works really well, but in the documentation I couldn’t find how to add the katello CA onto the hosts, but that is mentioned in post Ubuntu import CA - #2 by pqvindesland so:

wget --no-check-certificate -O katello-rhsm-consumer https://katello.example.com/pub/katello-rhsm-consumer
/bin/bash -x katello-rhsm-consumer 2< /root/katello-rhsm-consumer.log

And then run the activation key.

BUt i noticed that to be able to use the repository on the foreman host the package apt-transport-katello is also needed, could this package be a part of the dependencies when installing python3-subscription-manager? or maybe added to the documentation?


Hi Per,
thanks for your feedback.

Our PR regarding the dependecy to apt-transport-katello has been merged and we’ve added the “how to add Katello CA to hosts” instructions to apt.atix.de.



I followed the wiki on the link http://apt.atix.de/ to register a ubuntu 20.04 to Foreman / Katello 2.3.3

all worked fine until the last command to register as stating in the wiki

" You can now run subscription-manager register --org="my-organization" --name="my-host.example.com" --activationkey="my-activation-key" to subscribe your host to Foreman."

When trying to register I get the message saying “HTTP error (400 - Bad Request): Organization Default_Organization does not exist”

I know that i have 3 organizations (the default and 2 customs)

When i type on the formenan server command

" hammer organization list" it does not show any existing organization

root@foreman1 ~]# hammer organization list




[root@foreman1 ~]#

How can make one on my custom organization as default ?

How can i fix this issue to get the host register ?