Ubuntu errata on our Foreman/Katello installation

Problem: OS Ubuntu Vulnerability Update

Expected outcome: Updated packages

Foreman and Proxy versions: I use foreman 3.5.3

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: Katello 4.7

Distribution and version: Oracle Linux Server 8.8

Other relevant data: Friends, good afternoon! I am new to Foreman. I have a problem, I would be grateful if you could help me with a solution. I installed the Foreman server with the katello plugin, hoping to use the management service errata Ubuntu system. But I can’t figure out if this is possible now.
And will it be possible if I install foreman server version 3.17?

Unfortunately this feature only exists as a long running PR, and we don’t currently have the bandwidth to finish that work as next order of business. You can see my latest status update here: Fixes #25978 - Debian Errata support by m-bucher · Pull Request #7961 · Katello/katello · GitHub

I am relatively hopeful we will get to it this year, but I must caution that the PR has been around since the start of 2019, so that gives an idea how much of a challenge this has been.

Currently this feature is only available for orcharhino, which is a downstream product of Foreman/Katello like Satellite 6.
See Data Center Lifecycle Management - orcharhino