Ubuntu Host Provisioning using Foreman

Hi Folks,

I have installed foreman in one vm on Oracle virtual box. i have to install ubuntu on new vm using foreman. can you guys help me out briefly how to achieve it? Thanks in advance…!!!

Hello, what have you learned so far? We are trying to improve our documentation and since you obviously don’t know what to do and where to start, I can help. But first I want to ask you to sum-up what you have learned so far, ideally with some links to the documentation you’ve read. Thanks in advance!

Hello @lzap Thanks for your reply, I am new to foreman ,i have done with setup of foreman by following foreman documentation.also configured user and package management.
Now i was stuck in host provisioning of ubuntu in Oracle virtual box.
Foreman version – 1.19.1 running on Ubuntu 18.04
Created host in foreman with following options
Installation media used – http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu
Operating system selected – Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
Templates Associated – 1) preseed default
2)preseed default finish
3)preseed default pxeLinux
Subnet – configured an ip address for hostonly adapter with dhcp range.
Partition table – preseed default
Architecture – x86_64

Then i created a Vm on virtual box and tried to boot with pxe install but its not booting up.
It showing error as below:
tftp:// permission denied. No more network devices. Fatal : could not read from the boot medium,system halted.

Was anything i missed or misconfigured, could you please help me out on these??

If you want to PXE boot a VirtualBox VM you need to put it into a network where DHCP/TFTP services provided by VirtualBox are turned off and it’s provided by Foreman or Smart Proxy. Have you done that?

Hey sorry for late reply. yes, i have done the same, i am able to boot the system but the problem with preseed default finish template which is associated to the VM. Does it really require??
My need is to automate OS installation by foreman. Help me out on this!!!

Finish template is required to inform user to exit build mode. I am really not sure what your status is your info is sparse.