UEFI bootdisk (thank you) but can it be a bit more generic

I’m using foreman 2.1.2
Using bootdisk to boot in UEFI mode has saved us so much time in configuring a 50 node cluster, and I have to give thanks to the developers for this new(ish) feature.

However … is there any mechanism to make something a bit more “generic”…a boot disk that worked on servers in a subnet rather per machine.

If not, it is not a significant issue, as we have only needed to re-image our entire 50 node cluster three times in the last two months (lol).


we have implemented full host bootdisk (which is not generic) and subnet image (which is generic and it must be generated per smart proxy). This cover most of use cases, you need to use Templates smart proxy feature in order to use the subnet image.

In other words, generic or host image which connects directly to Foreman (not via Smart Proxy) is not supported. Those bootdisks types are quite confusing, I wish we were able to simplify this.