Unable to add/select activation keys to Host Group

I am using the Katello 2.3.0-1 plugin with Foreman 1.9
I have an activation key with the Environment set to "Library" and Content
View set to 'Default Organization Content View"

When I create a host group with these same Lifecycle Environment (Library)
and Content View the Activation Key does not display in a drop down list
when I click in the Activation Keys box.
I've clicked the 'Reload data' link on the activation tab for the host
group but still nothing appears.

I've tried manually entering the Activation key but after clicking submit
then going back in to view the host group, there is no activation keys

Any ideas on what to check for this issue?

I found a workaround to this issue, using hammer I was able to add an
activation key:

hammer hostgroup set-parameter --hostgroup HOSTGROUPNAME --name
"kt_activation_keys" --value "ACTIVATIONKEYNAME"