Unable to Add Ubuntu Repos in Foreman


I am trying to add a new product in Foreman for Ubuntu 18. However, When I add the Upstream URL (Index of /ubuntu) and click on save I get the below error:

  • Danger alert:Error

undefined method `upstream_authentication_token_changed?’ for #Katello::RootRepository:0x00007fbd1c553788 Did you mean? upstream_authentication_token upstream_authentication_token_in_db

I tried also to change the url to Index of /ubuntu

I left the Upstream Authentication Token field empty as it says “Leave empty if repository does not require authentication.”

Appreciate your ideas.

What version of Katello are you on?
We recently reworked the UI for Debian/Ubuntu repos to add more sanity checking, instructions, and UI hints (but I don’t think that change is released yet).

Not sure if that is the error you are running into, but in addition to Upstream URL, you should at least set the “Releases” field (now named “Releases/Distributions” with our latest changes). This is a required field for Debian/Ubuntu repos (the latest changes will throw a warning if you set “Upstream URL”, but leave “Releases/Distributions” blank).

@MSinghal Does the undefined method 'upstream_authentication_token_changed error sound familiar to you?

Katello has added this functionality in new version of it.
This PR adds it: https://github.com/Katello/katello/pull/9596/files