Unable to assigne ansible Roles to Host / Hostgroups

Ok, I’ll and hopefully others will be happy to help setting up nightly box, there may be some issue with current nightlies. Could you please open a new thread for bigger awareness?

I think I know what’s going on. There was incompatible change in Foreman 1.21 about search paths. Did you encounter this with earlier foreman_ansible 2.3 versions? I’m spinning up a new 1.21 box to see if I can fix this quickly.

We should invest into some integration tests to avoid these problems.

With version 2.3.4 the variables was working fine (I was using hammer cli to assign ansible roles to hosts becuase of the problems with gui - everything was working fine except gui).
Right now I’ve deleted:

display_link_if_authorized(_('New Ansible Variable'), hash_for_new_ansible_variable_path, :class => "btn btn-default no-float"),

from /opt/theforeman/tfm/root/usr/share/gems/gems/foreman_ansible-2.3.5/app/views/ansible_variables/index.html.erb

and UI is working fine (I know this is not proper fix, only workaround with loosing some features).

We found out what is the cause. The revert commit reverted some definitions in routes.rb which should remain there. @ezr-ondrej will send a fix and we’ll work on 2.3.6 fixing release soon.

I have posted a fix PR. Hope the revert didn’t broke more. The UI routes doesn’t seem to be needed and the package.json seems to work in reverted version.

Yessir. I’ll nuke my test system from orbit tonight, and start a new thread with complete details re: nightly build install issues.

It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that I have other issues.

That should be updated to use http://yum.puppetlabs.com/puppet6-release-el-7.noarch.rpm (this will also be an issue with Katello 3.12).

Hello, here’s the scratch build for early testers. It should get to 1.21 repos in a day or two. I contains the fix reported by @pawelwiecaszek about ansible variables. Further testing appreciated.

@ekohl, this fixed the install issue. Thanks, I’ll note this in the other thread I started.

Hi there I installed the package and got this following error when I try to open the ansible variables context.:
AnsibleVariablesController#index is missing a template for this request format and variant. request.formats: ["text/html"] request.variant: [] NOTE! For XHR/Ajax or API requests, this action would normally respond with 204 No Content: an empty white screen. Since you're loading it in a web browser, we assume that you expected to actually render a template, not nothing, so we're showing an error to be extra-clear. If you expect 204 No Content, carry on. That's what you'll get from an XHR or API request. Give it a shot

Any hints? I’m using Katello in 3.11 and Foreman 1.21 with Ansible :wink:

Seems like view file is missing. Is this rpm/deb based installation? What’s exact version of foreman_ansible that you have?

Yes, this is indeed an rpm/deb based installation. I installed the foreman_ansible package you provided a few posts earlier. tfm-rubygem-foreman_ansible-2.3.6-1.fm1_21.el7.noarch.rpm, right now I downgraded back to 2.3.5.

That would either mean 2.3.6 build is corrupted (I doubt) or somehow your instance got somehow corrupted. If you install 2.3.6, you should see /opt/theforeman/tfm/root/usr/share/gems/gems/foreman_ansible-2.3.6/app/views/ansible_variables/index.html.erb present. I will spin up a new 1.21 box and see if I can reproduce myself.

Sorry, I messed it up, restart the httpd and then it works, restarting only foreman wasn’t enough …
I tried a fresh installation on my vagrant box.

Hi Marek,

will there be a deb Release too?
Seems like the pr request is missing.

Thank you,

Hi Marek,

still no deb build. Would you be so kind and create the PR?

Thank you.

Opened at https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-packaging/pull/3839 sorry for the delay