Unable to associate Templates to Image based deployments

We are using Foreman for our Bare metal and VMware deployments and its working well. Now we are using VMware Templates for our VMware stack and I am able to deploy VMs using these images but I am not able to associate our Custom PXE and Finish templates to this image. so its just ended up with deployment with whatever we have in image. is there any way I can attach the templates to this image. I have required templates assignment to CentOS Linux 7.7.1908 Operating system but its not picking up since I selected Image based where I am picking my VMware image.

its Only binding "Finish template Template [Kickstart default finish] " how do I make other templates associate?

We are using the below version:

Thank you


due to the nature of how image based provisioning works, you cannot use PXE and Kickstart images for those. Both images are a “install this system like this” kind of things, and since images already have an installed OS inside, this approach does not work there.
You need to either use Finish- or User-Data-Templates with images (the former being executed from Foreman via SSH after the cloning is finished iirc, the latter being executed by VMWare like customization spects).


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Thank you very much for the details. I will update my finish template. the only problem is I had to unassoc. the finish template from other hostgroups. just curious why its(image based) picking only Finish template?

To be honest, I am not entirely sure what your question ist here.

  • If it is why no other template types than finish templates are picked up, it is because of the image based installation. You can choose between finish templates and user-data templates on a per-image basis in the images settings under “compute resources” → “images”. Other template types do not make sense in the image based scenario, since you are basically copying an already installed OS instead of installing from DVD.
  • If your question is why the system is always picking up the same template: You can control what systems pick up which template somewhat from the templates settings (hosts → provisioning tempaltes → edit your template → association). There you should also find a box with instructions of how templates are determined and how to control that.

Hope this helps.