Unable to delete host from Foreman getting an error

Hi all,

Foreman Version – 2.0.0

I am seeing a strange issue in foreman, unable to delete hosts from foreman, getting a below error.

Failed to perform rollback on Remove SSH known hosts for HOSTNAME - Dont know how to rollback drop_from_known_hosts

*But i am able to delete one host which had added via ansible callback plugin as same like other hosts.

*I am attaching logs of both hosts which i am able to delete and which i can’t.

delete-host.log (8.4 KB)
error-host.log (13.0 KB)

@aruzicka said in other posts, it requires 3.0 version of ssh_remote plugin, i am having 3.0.1 version.

rpm -qa|grep tfm-rubygem-smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh

Could you please help me out on this?

Thanks in advance !!!

@aruzicka could you help me on this?


it requires 3.0 version of ssh_remote plugin, i am having 3.0.1 version.

Sadly that was a different issue manifesting the same way.

The issue you (and others) are currently hitting happens when some of the hosts interfaces doesn’t have an IP. It should be fixed by this change. Foreman remote execution 3.3.1 containing it was just released to rubygems, although it will take a bit more time until it reaches the repos.

Until the fixed version lands in the repos, in theory going into the UI and just setting a random IP for the offending interface might work and deleting the host afterwards might work.

Have you installed the option --enable-foreman-plugin-puppetdb ? If this is enabled this error comes to. You need then to go in the interface to settings, puppetdb and disable it. (PuppetDB cannot run on the same machine as foreman, so if you have not configured it correctly, you get this)