Unable to find provision template

Provision Template is not generated, so the setup does not proceed.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Other relevant data:

Do you have a template assigned to the operating system? On the host detail view in the left column is a templates tab. There you should see a provisioning template and you can review it. If there is none, go to the operatingsystem used and select one as default. If none available, associate them in the provisioning templates view.

Another problem could be that the token is already expired, then you would need so cancel build and restart build.

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Did you check this url? (token is valid for 6 hours by default)
Also, check if you can access this url from network of discovered host (boot FDI, login to it via ssh, and try to fetch script with curl or wget)

I had a template assigned. I did not understand, that I had to assign multiple templates (pxe, preseed, finish). Everything is working now. Thanks.

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Yes, the number of templates depends on the provisioning method you use.

Typically you will need one provisioning and one for the boot method like pxelinux or pxegrub2, for debian operatingsystem family you will also need a finish template because preseed can not run scripts like kickstart. Other methods like bootdisk need other templates in case of bootdisk it would require ipxe.

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