Unable to launch VM using foreman

I am new to foreman so if you find any conceptual gap please correct me henceforth. I am note able to launch VM on a Vsphere using Foreman. I did ssh into foreman server and had a glance over a log file. It reports following error, “Could not find a provider”. We are using finish template which is ruby script and makes use of “@host.provider” to check and take necessary action. Please help me as we are stuck on this issue for long time and its marked critical for us.

Note: Required Vsphere provider is already installed and its working. We had already configured smart proxy, os, compute resource and compute profile

Expected outcome:
launch a vm in vsphere

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Was your VM provisioned from Foreman? Did you somehow register it or associated it from the compute resource? What exact steps you took before you’ve seen the “Could not find a provider”, e.g. what screen you were on and what you clicked on. Screenshot also helps.

I’m guessing you already have a Foreman Host record for that given VM and the Host compute resource has been set to the vsphere. If that’s the case, when you click “Power On” on the Host page, it should contact vsphere and turn on the VM.

Also Foreman 2.3.4 is quite old and generally unsupported. You should upgrade to recent 3.4.

Yes, you are right we already had a foreman setup on a server. However problem is resolved now after I removed some commands packer build process (which is how we were building our base image). Thanks for your response I can close this issue now.