Unable to log into Foreman

Unable to log into Foreman webUI.

Error received:
ERF42-4995 [Foreman::Exception]: Invalid authenticity token

All Foreman server running 1.21.3

No knows changes made when happened.

I was in the webUI and clicked to go to All Hosts when received this message. Now I can’t log into any of the three load balanced Foreman servers.


Please disregard, issue has been resolved.


could you be so kind and share what the resolution was, so people with a similar issue in the future can find the solution?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@areyus absolutely!

I can’t explain why this just happened since we decommissioned our previous memcached server several months ago; however; creating a new one that the plugin could reference and clearing all browser cache fixed this up for me.

I have three Foreman server behind a load balancer in a round-robin configuration in the cloud. They all reference the same memcached instance.

Hope this might help someone in the future.