Unable to login to SUSE SCC account

I have install katello 3.12.3/foreman 1.22.1 with tfm-rubygem-foreman_scc_manager-1.6.2-1.fm1_22.el7.noarch and I can’t login to SUSE account. When I run “Test Connection” I get Connection test failed!

/var/log/foreman/production.log :

2019-09-09T21:25:52 [I|app|fb9dbc11] Started GET “/notification_recipients” for at 2019-09-09 21:25:52 +0200
2019-09-09T21:25:52 [I|app|fb9dbc11] Processing by NotificationRecipientsController#index as JSON
2019-09-09T21:25:52 [I|app|fb9dbc11] Current user set to admin (admin)
2019-09-09T21:25:52 [I|app|fb9dbc11] Completed 200 OK in 9ms (Views: 0.2ms | ActiveRecord: 1.3ms)
2019-09-09T21:25:52 [I|app|4a2a46ce] Started PUT “/scc_accounts/test_connection?scc_account_id=3” for at 2019-09-09 21:25:52 +0200
2019-09-09T21:25:52 [I|app|4a2a46ce] Processing by SccAccountsController#test_connection as JSON
2019-09-09T21:25:52 [I|app|4a2a46ce] Parameters: {“utf8”=>“✓”, “authenticity_token”=>“iecg82VFgADILK9SwjHVXqC1uLa8m0pKEVm7F0mrAK4crarybm15OgjbHA7t9wPOLjgQxlVmy3MWUfm5v9m13g==”, “scc_account”=>{“name”=>“snt”, “login”=>“XXXX”, “password”=>"[FILTERED]", “base_url”=>“https://scc.suse.com”, “interval”=>“never”, “sync_date”=>“2019-09-09T21:25:06”, “organization_id”=>“3”}, “fakepassword”=>"[FILTERED]", “scc_account_id”=>“3”}
2019-09-09T21:25:52 [I|app|4a2a46ce] Current user set to admin (admin)
2019-09-09T21:25:53 [I|app|4a2a46ce] Completed 404 Not Found in 975ms (Views: 0.2ms | ActiveRecord: 2.8ms)

Are there any other logs to check? It’s strange because I can connect to https://scc.suse.com without any problems.

Please help.

The connection test requests https://scc.suse.com/connect/organizations/subscriptions
This should return a JSON of the available subscriptions for your account.

Do you use a HTTP-Proxy?

I don’t use proxy. If i try to login with my account I get this error:


{“type”:“error”,“error”:“Invalid organization credentials”,“localized_error”:“Invalid organization credentials”}

And I have try to login with different usernames.
I can connect to https://scc.suse.com/ with the same usernames with out a problem.


When you login to the portal with your username, you will find your “organization credentials” those are the ones you need to use.

yes is working now. I didn’t know that you have to search for mirror credentials in suse portal.

Just one more question, can I use Content Views in sles for production and test environment like in RHEL world.

Short answer: Yes.
The plugin creates products and repositories for you. You can use them in content views in much the same way as any other repository.

How can I then use Content Views if there is no activation keys for sles? How can I use this repo from Content Views in zypper repo? Where can I get url?

Hi! After you created and synced your products you might want to use the following documentation: