Unable to trigger Foreman discovery image release build on Jenkins

Hello there,

it looks like FDI nightly images are not building anymore from August 2018. I haven’t noticed: http://downloads.theforeman.org/discovery/nightly/

There used to be a Jenkins job triggering FDI rebuild and uploading the artifacts every night if there was a new commit in the FDI git repo. This job was parametrized and I used it to trigger release build process to do releases - I used my account on Jenkins to trigger the job:


The job does not load for me and my credentials don’t work anymore. Can someone take a look? Thanks.

Hello @infra team, I am getting to the point when I need to push out new FDI release but I can’t. The workflow used to be to trigger the job named “foreman-discovery-image-publish” with some parameters (e.g. discovery version, branch to build) and it launched OpenStack VM, built the image and scp-ed onto our downloads server.

I no longer have an account, please help me to figure this out.

@evgeni I’ve built the artifact manually, please copy:


To here (deleting the old version files):


Keep the fdi-image-latest.tar as a symlink to the tar please.

I’ve added brand new build script into the FDI repo which does not require root and build the FDI via virt-builder and virt-install in a libvirt VM:


Then the artifacts just need to be copied from /root folder from the VM and scped to the destination. If we can automate this, that would be awesome :slight_smile: