Unable to update a new VM's config after VM is successfully created

After a new VM is created and successfully reporting back the status to
Foreman, I tried to add/remove a Puppet Module on the server. However when
I click "submit", the UI switches to the Network tab (Domain) and I cannot
do anything with this and have to cancel out the change. Also, the correct
Domain is already populated in the Domain field.

I have noticed that this occurs on VMs that show the "Float IP" on the
Host-Details page, but with VMs that show the "Private IP and MAC" I am
able to successfully add/remove a Puppet Module.

This is a Foreman (1.7.5) with an Openstack (Kilo) backend.

There are 3 Subnets defined:
VM (Openstack VMs) (196.168.xxx.xxx)
BareMetal (other Infrastructure servers) (10.32.xx5.xxx)
Openstack-Hosts (Openstack Infrastrure components) (10.32.xx6.xxx)

There are 2 Domains defined:
Main environment domain (stage.xxxx.com)
VM sub-domain of the Main environment domain (vm.xxxx.com)

I am not seeing anything that stands out in the logs.