Unable to upload facts to Foreman on demand

> Dear all,
> I am struggling with pushing facts into Foreman by means of the HTTP Rest
> API. I have successfully configured the ENC script with facts population
> based on this:
> What I would like to achieve, is to run a script in any moment from the
> machine, on which the puppet agent is running. Script looks like this:
> url=""
> require 'fileutils'
> require 'net/http'
> require 'net/https'
> require 'uri'
> require 'facter'
> require 'yaml'
> #in order to get facts in a proper format
> facts = puppet facts --render-as yaml find host.domain
> begin
> uri = URI.parse(url)
> http = Net::HTTP.new(uri.host, uri.port)
> if uri.scheme == 'https' then
> http.use_ssl = true
> http.verify_mode = OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE
> end
> req = Net::HTTP::Post.new("/fact_values/create")
> req.set_form_data({'facts' => facts})
> response = http.request(req)
> rescue Exception => e
> raise "Could not send facts to Foreman: #{e}"
> end
> I would like to invoke this script while certain program is running to
> follow its progress fact in foreman.
> The above script works, and I can see in the foreman logs, that the the
> API returns OK (HTTP 200):
> Processing FactValuesController#create (for at 2012-08-23
> 22:15:55) [POST]
> Parameters: {"controller"=>"fact_values", "facts"=>"[FILTERED]",
> "action"=>"create"}
> Completed in 283ms (View: 0, DB: 38) | 200 OK [
> But in foreman I cannot see updated facts after this invocation. What I
> have noticed is that the facts get updated in foreman only when puppet run
> had been run. Is is how it is suppoed to be? Or am I doing something wrong?
> I'm guessing your code is correct, we do check within foreman that the
object we get is a serialized puppet facts, and I'm guessing we can relax
that requirements to a simple facts hash, please open a new feature request
and I'll have to resolve it.


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