Unattended install fails with no supported architectures. Repo sync issue?

Problem: During unattended installation and the configuration manager step, the install fails with “The specified Ubuntu archive mirror does not seem to support your architecture”

Expected outcome:

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:
Ubuntu Bionic

Other relevant data:
syslog appears to be looking for the Release file in dists/bionic/main/binary-amd64/Release
and dists/bionic/Release.
The Repo sync is publishing the /dists/bionic/Release but there is no Release in the binary-amd64 directory as there is on the actual mirror site

So question is … how do I get this file to sync or be generated… Or can I somehow upload the Release file into the correct location? (Maybe a newbie question :P) Not entirely sure this is the actual problem … but it is the only one sticking out at the moment.

Relevant log files

Nov 18 16:56:02 in-target: Reading package lists...
Nov 18 16:56:02 in-target:
Nov 18 16:56:33 choose-mirror[8715]: DEBUG: command: wget --no-verbose http://foreman.local/pulp/deb/LOCAL_MIRROR/Library/custom/Ubuntu/18_04_Bionic/dists/bionic/Release -O - | grep -E '^(Suite|Codename|Architectures):'
Nov 18 16:56:33 choose-mirror[8715]: DEBUG: command: wget --no-verbose http://foreman.local/pulp/deb/LOCAL_MIRROR/Library/custom/Ubuntu/18_04_Bionic/dists/bionic/main/binary-amd64/Release -O - | grep ^Architecture:
Nov 18 16:56:33 choose-mirror[8715]: DEBUG: architecture not supported by selected mirror
Nov 18 16:59:28 apt-setup: /usr/lib/apt-setup/generators/50mirror.ubuntu backed up
Nov 18 16:59:28 main-menu[276]: (process:8295): 2019-11-18 16:56:33 URL:http://foreman.local/pulp/deb/LOCAL_MIRROR/Library/custom/Ubuntu/18_04_Bionic/dists/bionic/Release [6267/6267] -> "-" [1]
Nov 18 16:59:28 main-menu[276]: (process:8295): http://foreman.local/pulp/deb/LOCAL_MIRROR/Library/custom/Ubuntu/18_04_Bionic/dists/bionic/main/binary-amd64/Release:
Nov 18 16:59:28 main-menu[276]: (process:8295): 2019-11-18 16:56:33 ERROR 404: Not Found.

Although the title seems provisioning related, this is more @katello question. Anyone? Thanks.