Understanding ApiPie binding


i am trying to understand 'apipie-binding' used in hammer cli, i am
struggling to get started, i checked below link
"https://github.com/Apipie/apipie-bindings" and by running commands listed
there with my katello server it does work, but how those are used in hammer

can you help me with github link for example

> require 'apipie-bindings'

> api = ApipieBindings::API.new({:uri => 'http://localhost:3000/', :username => 'admin', :password => :changeme})

> api.resources
=> [<Resource :roles>, <Resource :images>, <Resource :reports>, <Resource :hosts>, … <Resource :architectures>]

now at above link, how the resources are used in hammer CLI for automatic generating options ?

Appreciate some basic guidance on this.