Unmaintaned/incompatible plugins in 1.17 repos


It has been brought to my attention that we continue to package unmaintained plugins (such as host rundeck) and ship them in the official repo. In this case, the plugin is incompatible with Rails 5, causing users who install it to be unable to start Foreman.
Do we have a process by which we remove such plugins from the repos?
How/when do we declare a plugin unmaintained?

I have taken the liberty of removing rundeck from nightly before but I agree we need some sort of process.

Maybe it’s time to revisit the idea to create some sort of index of plugins. For starters I’d be happy with a table of Foreman versions and the packaged version. For an unrelated reason I have started to write some script to extract versions from our packaging repository.

Thanks, since you worked on some better installation tests, would it make sense to create a scenario where we install all plugins (also hammer plugins) so at least we know for sure things starts up properly?

Foreman memcache broke my 1.17 install. Removing it fixed it.

Looks like it broke 1.16 too.


Maintaining a table is a lot of work for the person who has to do it. Would it make more sense to just don’t ship any plugins for a version until the maintainer has explicitly said “Yes, I want XXX to be in version YYY”.

The release manager could simply look at List of Plugins - Foreman and email the plugin authors (this can even be automated) asking whether they want their plugins in then next version.

It would save us some time, and problems like what I’ve seen (people installing cockpit/rundeck/memcache…) would have been avoided.

I do think that makes sense and we are experimenting with automatic deployments with multiple plugins. Given our current automated tests completely ignore the UI we do need to implement tests for it. In Robotello there are tests, but given its total runtime we probably need to pick and choose some tests for our gating rather than running them all.

Hence why I was attempting to automate it. Not sure how far I can get, but just printing a table with included version numbers should be doable. If you then see a version number hasn’t changed in a couple of releases is a hint it might no longer be compatible.

WRT the foreman memcache plugin, is anybody able to review (and merge) the open PR https://github.com/theforeman/foreman_memcache/pull/11?

Seems like at least a couple of people have been using it without issues.

If nobody is going to do it, I can take care of the plugin release. I just need the appropriate permissions.

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Looks like foreman_column_view is also incompatible as reported at [foreman 1.17] Install plugin foreman_column_view on Centosx64. @Gwmngilfen any intention of reviving it? I think all that needs to be done for 1.17 compatibility is replacing alias_method_chain with prepand, but i may be wrong.

It’s on my todo list, yes. I started rebuilding my dev env last week but issues with Forklift distracted me and I didn’t finish setting it up. Hope to get it running this week. I’ll go reply on the thread.

Longer term I’d like to get that migrated over and possibly given a new maintainer… :wink: