Unrecognized option '--foreman-proxy-content-parent-fqdn'

Installing a smart proxy I first install katello-ca-consumer-latest, then run ‘subscription-manager register’, finally ‘foreman-installer --scenario-proxy-content …’ from the master’s ‘foreman-proxy-certs-generate’ output. Problem is the proxy does not recognize the ‘…parent-fqdn’ flag.

Can see that the proxy software versions are ahead of the master, however, it is unclear what to do about that as the master’s repos are not available (‘subscription-manager repos’ shows nothing).

Expected outcome:

A smart proxy with synchronized repos.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Master foreman-release 2.4.0-1
foreman-installer 2.4.0-1
Proxy foreman-release 2.5.0-0.1
foreman-installer 2.5.0-0.3.develop

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:


Distribution and version:

Centos 7

Other relevant data:

You have found a bug in our output documentation for a parameter we dropped. This parameter was removed from the puppet module but the installer hook for certificate was not updated:

Would you mind filing an issue for us and we’ll get that fixed?


I realize I didn’t really provide the clearest ‘how to work around this for now’ answer: just drop the use of the --foreman-proxy-content-parent-fqdn parameter in your command.