Update OS releases on foreman automatically

I am trying to set something up in my lab where I use foreman to install different operating systems.
Right now, we have iso files on a server thats on our local network. In foreman, I have created all these installation media and operating systems and everything works fine, i can PXE boot and install OS using foreman.
We keep releasing updates for new operating systems from time to time and we want to see if you can automate this on foreman where we do not have to worry about creating new installation media each time we put new releases. Before, when we only had PXE system, we had some scripts that used to run once things used to update on our server and that used to automatically add new OS release on PXE menu.

We are looking for something like this, an automatic creation of installation media and operating system once we put new releases on our server.

Thank you for your time! Please provide me some suggestions on this.