"Updates" repository showing zero content under content view

Problem: “Updates” repository showing zero content under content view

Expected outcome: “Updates” repository should show packages under content

Foreman and Proxy versions: Foreman/Foreman-katello 3.1.2

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version: CentOS 7.9

Other relevant data:
One of my repository (updates from Centos) is showing zero contents under content view ,
I had added that repo under Lifecycle Environment.
In Products i can see packages showing count and got updated as well under product “Centos7” , I have attached snippet for the same.

Please check and guide me , am i missing any step for the same.

Due to this all my hosts are showing zero packages for “updates” Repositories.

Maybe you can show with a screen where is shows 0 and a screen showing what repos you have added to that cv?

Below is image of my content view where all repositories are showing packages count including “updates” repository

Below is image where you can see “updates” repository content showing zero packages :

Do you have any filters on the CV? Can you share the filters if any?

No there are no any filters .

That is not expected. Do you see any RPMs from the repository in the RPM Packages subtab?

Also can you check the same on the /legacy/content_views/‘cv_id’ URL path if possible to verify it’s not a new UI issue. If you don’t see RPMs of the repo in the CV version, could you check if the publish task for the CV succeeded?

i resolved this issue by deleting said content view and recreated new one.
After this i was able to see all repository packages count under content tab.
Still it’s mystery why count was showing zero.

PFA of the same

Thanks for your support :slight_smile: