Upgrade step migrate_pulp failed. Check logs for more information

I am in the process of upgrading foreman from version 1.17 and katello to 3.11. I am following: Foreman :: Plugin Manuals I am on the final step where I run the following command: foreman-installer --scenario katello --upgrade. The upgrade stops and I get the following error message:

su - apache -s /bin/bash -c pulp-manage-db failed! Check the output for error!
Upgrade step migrate_pulp failed. Check logs for more information.

I found the following article: https://access.redhat.com/solutions/3370771 and followed the resolution steps but I still get the same error.

Has anyone else run into this issue before?

Expected outcome:
The ability to upgrade foreman and katello


could you provide any additional error messages you encounter? Maybe try running the installer with the -v (verbose) option to see if that gives more information on what the underlying problem might be. You could also check /var/log/foreman-installer directory for more information in the logs and provide possible additional error messages from there.