Upgrade testing

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Hi all,

I did a few different tests today around the upgrade path from the
pre-1.0 stable releases to 1.0. I ran these tests on CentOS 6.2, F16,
and Ubuntu 12.04. Here is the procedure I used to test the upgrade path.

  • Add foreman.repo (or foreman.list on precise) with the stable
    version (not releases/1.0 on yum-based distros).
  • Install foreman, setup MySQL and migrate the DB
  • Update the package manager settings to use the new repos
  • Run yum update or apt-get install foreman
  • cd /usr/share/foreman && RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake
  • touch /usr/share/foreman/tmp/restart.txt to restart Passenger

Since this worked flawlessly across all three OS's there isn't much to
say except sharing the test procedure. I'm going to start doing this
more regularly as we bump from one minor release to another, i.e. from
1.0 to 1.1.

Any questions?

  • -Sam