Upgrade to 1.21 - Facter gem was not found

Smart proxy will not load facter module after update to version 1.21
This is from /var/log/foreman-proxy/proxy.log

[E] Facter gem was not found
[E] Couldn't enable 'facts': cannot load such file -- facter

Expected outcome:
Facter module loaded

Foreman and Proxy versions:

foreman and foreman-proxy both at version: 1.21.0-1
O/S: Debian 9 amd64

Other relevant data:

This installation has recently been progressively updated from 1.15 - 1.21, including each 1.x intermediate version.

It is using the system ruby.

~$ ruby -v
ruby 2.3.3p222 (2016-11-21) [x86_64-linux-gnu]

It has the puppet agent 1.10.14-1stretch installed from puppetlabs PC1, which has facter installed at /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/facter

There does appear to be a gem located at: /usr/share/foreman/vendor/ruby/2.3.0/gems/facter-2.5.1/

If anyone could shed any light on this, I would be most grateful.

facter is only used in the facts plugin. You could disable that and AFAIK it’s only used by the discovery image (which embeds a foreman-proxy).

Hi ekohl,

Thanks for your reply. I have disabled the facts plugin of my foreman-proxy and I can confirm that it is now loading successfully.

It seems that I was mistaken in thinking that I would need this plugin to be enabled in order to be able to use the https://FOREMAN_URL/fact_values monitor feature. I don’t use the discovery plugin, but it looks pretty groovy.

Many thanks.