Upgrade to katello 4.1 installs python3-pulp-ansible

I have just upgraded my test katello 4 server from 4.0.1 to 4.1 and noticed that python3-pulp-ansible and ansible is going to be installed by default as ‘enable_ansible’ is set to true for the content proxy. I guess that’s now supported with 4.1 but wouldn’t it be a better idea to disable this by default and let users choose to enable it?

(I have just noticed it because for whatever reason foreman-installer wasn’t able to find the rpm…)

Could you please share the step by step upgrade process? Are you on CentOS8 by any chance?
My installation is foreman-2.4.1 and katello-4.0.1-1.el8.noarch


It’s always hard to tell, what users would like to have enabled by default. I’m not sure if we disable other content types by default (like images, file repos, …) but I think we should be consistent where it makes sense. Is that a lot of overhead? (I have no idea TBH)