Uploading Ansible Roles via GUI?


I’d like to import Ansible Roles. My user has the role “Ansible Roles Manager”, but I don’t have CLI access, only GUI access. I’m not the (or an) Administrator of the Satellite server at the OS level. I’m just a “Satellite 6” user. I can create hosts, products, Content Views, Life Cycle Environments, Activation Keys. All the things I need - except access the logs and troubleshoot.

From what I can tell, I can’t add Ansible Roles in this situation - I can import Roles that have already been added, I just can’t add them to be imported (I think that’s the language I’m looking for).

Expected outcome:

Some functionality that allows me to import Ansible roles through the GUI - maybe upload a zip file?

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:
redhat 7 I think

You need to have access to the filesystem on your smart proxy (capsule), which has Ansible feature enabled. You can perhaps use remote execution plugin to install ansible roles, if your Foreman (Satellite) has SSH access to such smart proxy, there’s even a job template to install ansible role. After it’s installed, you can import it in WebUI. In future versions we could use Pulp 3 Ansible collection support for this purpose. But that’s quite a big task.