Urgent help needed, restore succeeded but entire instance is empty (Katello 3.16)

Hi there,

I managed to create a bit of a situation. I took a current backup to prepare to change my server’s hostname. Unfortunately, that change failed as I didn’t point the new hostname at the box beforehand. No matter.

I tried restoring that backup and it didn’t work. So I tried changing my hostname back to what it was and rebooting. Unfortunately I made a huge error - I had put the backup in /tmp temporarily and didn’t copy it to persistent storage. Facepalm.

Luckily I have a full foreman-maintain/katello backup from 2020-08-27. Great, right? So I tried restoring that with foreman-maintain and it appeared to work, but basically EVERYTHING in Foreman is now blank. I had to reset the admin password to get in and everything is just hosed.

The backup was taken from a 3.16.RC4 installation.

Hello, what you mean by “blank”? You don’t see any data? What do you see in the database? Is the app connected to the correct database? How about taxonomy, aren’t you looking into Default Organization or something like that?

Yes, I mean I don’t see any data. No operating systems, no host groups, no hosts. No LDAP configuration. Nothing.

I am afraid you need to provide more detailed information if you want particular help.