Url to add a xenserver compute resource

I am trying to add a compute resource, a xen server (xcp-ng).

I have the plugin installed, im running Foreman 3.0 and Katello 4.2.

This is a clean install, just added rocky linux product with repos.

When I go to Compute resource, I can add provider xenserver, but whatever url I try, it comes back with

Unable to save

Mind the :443:80 in the end. It won’t stop adding :80.

I tried with and without http/https, /api, tried xen-api, xapi, x-api, with and without ports.
I also tried several combinations with the xen orchestra, I can’t find the correct url.

Also, I am not sure about the url. Should I add the xenserver itself, of Xen Orchestra host (the manager)? What would the complete url look like? It seems every provider has its own uri path and I can’t find the default for xcp.


Sorry, nevermind. Had a brainfart.

My firewall was blocking 80/443 :woozy_face:

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