Use of (Puppet) environments

Right now I’m playing with building a Puppet-less Katello install. When you go to the New Host form you see:

Note there’s (as you would expect) no selection for Puppet proxies, but there is a Puppet Environment and Puppet Classes. Even if I don’t have any environments nor classes in my DB. Should we hide the selection in this case?

To play with it, I manually created an environment.
If you go to Configure -> Environments (under the Puppet tab) -> Create environment you see these breadcrumbs:


The link goes to Puppet Enviroments. I’m not sure where this label is generated and if I should create a bug against Katello or Foreman.


Yes, :+1: for hidding it (if not removing it completely) as I see more and more installations where Ansible will be used instead of Puppet.

Thank you for reporting the problem with breadcrumbs, I have created an issue in Redmine to track it.

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