Using a external Puppet DB ( puppet master ) with Foreman


How to use and integrate an external Puppet Master rather than the puppet master integrated with foreman as part of the install process

Expected outcome:

Instructions on how to use an existing Puppet Master with Foreman

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman: 1.23
Proxy: 3.13

Distribution and version:


Other relevant data:

Well I need to RTFM !

The solution appears to be


Go to Administer > Settings > PuppetDB and set puppetdb_address with your PuppetDB address, puppetdb_enabled to either true or false if you want to enable or disable PuppetDB integration. Obviously you will need a PuppetDB instance at the address you provide.

Alternatively you can put your settings in config/settings.yaml . Please keep in mind these will be overwritten if changed in the application, and if the application is rebooted, YAML rules will overwrite again your manually changed settings. Hence passing your settings in this format is discouraged, but allowed.