Using diferrent user and group instead of "foreman-proxy"

I wish to have a installation of foreman but i cant use the user and group name “foreman-proxy”, and instead wish to use “frmproxy”.

I tried a fresh installation using the answers file options:
user: frmproxy
groups: ['frmproxy']

But the user and group “foreman-proxy” were still created and used by some files permissions.
Do I need to specify any other option ?

The user and group are created by the package and I would in general say it is a bad idea to use not the normal user.

What is your reason to do so? I would guess some need to have the user with only 8 characters in a central directory, so he is created with a specfic id. If you would only need the specfic ids, creating the user in advance would be possible.

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Thanks for the fast reply!
The only problem with the name is the company security policies don’t allow a “-” in the middle.

Why is it a bad idea to change the name ?
How would one change the name from the rpm package?

Thanks for the help.

The problem is RPM is not made for this. It will change owner, group and permissions during update back to its default. Also for security it is a bad idea because you can not verify the content with a changed user because you have to ignore a “false positive”.

If you are really required to do so running something like find / -user foreman-proxy -exec chown frmproxy: '{}' \; && groupdel foreman-proxy && userdel foreman-proxy could be done, but you would have always the moment the user is created and the files are owned by it.

I would question the security policy for the reason to ban -.

Thanks very much.
You were very helpful!