Using Foreman in different Datacentres

This is the entire point of smart proxies and the locations and organizations hierarchy.

Install a smart proxy on each server in each data center that provides the various services that you need: DHCP, DNS, etc. The TFTP server would still be local to each datacenter, but would communicate with your central Foreman instance for "instructions."

You then can associate various smart proxies, networks, templates, etc with locations.

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Hi Guys,

We have Datacentres in the US, UK and Asia and we’d rather not have multiple Foreman instances.

Does anyone have any information/advise on using Foreman in multiple Datacentres?

I am aware of adding different Puppet Masters depending on Geo etc. This does seem to be a solution. However, again, we’d rather centrally mange everything from one location.

We have repos and ISO images local to each datacentre for Installation. The Puppet text files (sudoers, ntp etc) would be dragged from a single location, but all packages and binaries would always be local to the datacentre. We also have an existing DHCP and DNS infrastructure that we’d continue to use.

I have one concern about provisioning using a remote tftp server, even though the install media and files would be local.

Again, any experience or input would be great!


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