Using Foreman/Puppet on and off an isolated build network

I'm having a little trouble building the proper search terminology to
produce good results on this topic. I was hoping we might have some list
members who've considered this or are working in an similar environment.

Basically, we have a build/test network where systems are installed,
configured and tested. This network is largely isolated from the rest of
our network, except that nodes on it can get access to the outside world,
both our private networks and the public internet. After the build we
would contact the networking (or VMWare) folks and have the server's NIC
dropped into the VLAN where it will live. We run linux flavors and Solaris
here, so I am really liking how Foreman manages those builds, including
sparc, though I haven't tested it yet.

The challenge I see is the transition from the build network to the
permanent network and how that affects things like Foreman, Puppet,
PuppetCA, and the server itself. Especially if the permanent network is
not permitted to have a DHCP scope managed by Foreman…so the server would
have to be changed from dhcp client to static ip.

Has anyone dealt with these challenges? If so, how?


··· -- Sean Alderman Senior Engineer, UDit Systems Integration University of Dayton