Using Puppet modules when there is no classes in Foreman



Can you tell me how can I make a use of the Puppet module when it doesn’t have any classes and it is not visible from within the Foreman.

I downloaded the Puppet’s Inifile module for managing setting in INI files but it is not visible in the Foreman Puppet Classes. Of course I did try to import it from the Foreman server to the Foreman GUI, but it says that there are no changes and nothing is to applied.

Expected outcome:

So far I was using the Puppet modules with classes (via Smart Class Parameters, like NTP :slight_smile: ) and I was attaching them to the Host Group configuration. Of course everything was working as expected.

How to make a use of the Puppet module when it is not visible in the Puppet classes? How I can attach it to the configuration of the provisioned hosts?

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman ver. 1.15

Thanks in advance!

Puppet defines aren’t accessible to any ENC (which is what Foreman is to Puppet). They need to be called from something else. This comes up a lot, so we have a wiki page on it. Hopefully one of these solutions will work for you.