Using r10k with Puppet4 and Foreman 1.15.6

Problem: r10k with a standard control repo including a custom hiera.yaml and Puppetfile seems to work pretty good with Foreman. However, it seems like foreman-installer is not to happy with this arrangement. Is there a way to continue using an r10k control repo and keep foreman-installer working at upgrade time? We were able to upgrade from 1.14 -> 1.15 following all the regular steps from the documentation, but when we got to Optional Step 3 © - Run foreman-installer, “Something went wrong!”

It seems like everything is OK and we are fully functional on v1.15.6, but I would sort of like to keep the foreman-installer functioning if possible. I don’t know if there is a way to isolate the two, or if I simply need to bring the theforeman/foreman module into my Puppetfile along with all its dependencies.


I think you’ll need to expand on this - what actions are you calling, and what errors are you hitting?