View permissions for templates

I want to set up the permissions on my foreman server. I tried to set it up so that my colleagues can still see the provisioning templates and partition templates but are not allowed to edit it, so they can troubleshoot without having to always contact me. As far as I know the view rights just give permissions to see the template but not to see inside. They are allowed to export and look at the file but is there any way they view it in the UI?
Expected outcome:
They can see the templates but are not allowed to save any changes.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7.7

Hello, our permission system follows Rails CRUD, therefore view_something means you can view the resource, edit_something means you can actually change something. It’s probably possible to load edit form dialog, but once you click Submit the application should refuse to edit a resource without edit_something permission.

Then there’s bunch of special permissions which all have special meaning.

Specify what exactly does not behave correctly and we can take a look if that’s a bug.