VMs are not getting pxe boot via foreman however able to create VMs via foreman

Problem: Failing to pxe boot vm

Expected outcome: after vm creation , vm should go for OS installation.

Foreman and Proxy versions: 3.1

Distribution and version: Cent OS 7

I have setup the foreman 3.1 without katello and configured operating system, media as FTP, partition table, using default provisioning template.

However when create new host , vm is getting created but at poweron not installing OS.

Could you please point out what exactly it is waiting for?


Do you get any error messages? At what step does the installation halt, or does it not even start?
Without any more context, this is hard to diagnose because it could be a lot of things that went wrong.

Hi @areyus , it was showing unable to reach DHCP to get IP. Looks like on my foreman dhcp is not enable as i dont see it is running.

I will try to enable it and see.
will update here