Vmware vsphere 5.1 with foreman 1.3.1 - can not browse Clusters


I'd been trying to implement foreman for our infrastructure.

I'd got Foreman 1.3.1 installed on a Centos 6.4 box with the following
smart proxies installed within the same box:

  • puppet
  • puppet CA
  • TFTP

I'd also install foreman-vmware to integrate Foreman with my existing
vcenter. I'd successfully connected to vcenter from Foreman and I managed
to see Datacenter, Datastores, Virtual Machines but no Clusters can be seen
from Foreman. There are definitely clusters existing in our vcenter.

When I tried to provision a VM, it keeps showing error message :

Failed to create a compute my-vcenter.com (VMWare) instance my-new-vm.com:
cluster is required for this operation

but I couldn't see any Clusters available for me to choose in the Virtual
Machine tab.

Can someone please help?