We need foreman_hooks release


It’s been an year from the last foreman_hooks release, there are three patches merged and two already reviewed by me to be merged. I don’t have neither push rights nor rubygems permissions tho.

@Gwmngilfen can you create Hooks plugin github group and add some people into it? According to git log candidate would be me, @Justin_Sherrill and @Bryan_Kearney. I can do the release, we already missed 1.17 let’s not miss 1.18 then.


I’ve just merged those PRs, If anyone would like to walk me through (or point me to any docs) the release process the I can get it done - I’ve never done it before.

The group already exists, @sean797 is the maintainer and can add more people if he likes :slight_smile:

As for the release, @sean797 I believe it’s a matter of:

  • Build the gem
  • Push the gem to Rubygems
  • Send PRs to the RPM and DEB packaging repos

@packaging did I miss anything?

Please test it before tagging and building the gem, this plugin has almost zero test coverage (it does cover functionality of hooking but not that hooks do work when there was a change in core).

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I push a shiny new version today, will send a packaging PR tomorrow :+1: