WebSock error: [object Event]

The suggested page is not available, could you please share another link, which could possibly solve the console issue of VM from the foreman (internet explorer)

Visit http://foreman.server.com/pub/katello-server-ca.crt and install this as the server CA. This instructions only apply for Katello deployment. For foreman, install the server CA you installed foreman with.

I am not sure how to do this " For foreman, install the server CA you installed foreman with.". Actually are system is being installed via mutiple scripts written by someone who has the left the organization :(…

Could you please guide a bit where would i find the CA on the foreman server, I guess that CA file needed to be installed on the internet browser i guess… kindly suggest if it is something else.


We don’t have that unfortunately, @mcorr that’s a one we need to document for usptream users for sure.


@ekohl it does not like our installer puts CA cert to some public directory

@atul7799 you need to copy CA key from Apache configuration file to your client and import that