Weekly Dev/Design Meeting: Ansible Plugin


Ansible Plugin

Presented by Daniel

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No Bulk actions available, include checkboxes of bulk actions. Though
bulk actions may not be appropriate for all tables, this might be one.

Future feature - be able to click on role to see parameters. Integrate
terminal options into UI.

Improve table column width and column sorting.

Order by name on default

There is no help on this page

Is saying “Import from…” needed? Would a user assume that since it’s
the import button it would be importing from the selected source. If so,
drop down options could include the name only, “Import from Foreman host” →
“Forem host”

Make “Import” blue as it is the only and primary action on the page

Toggle icons are redundant and probably unnecessary.

I think it’s possible a new layout with iconography added to Add or
Remove would be more visually appealing

Break out report by Ansible, Puppet, etc.

Those with color blindness would not find the color boxes helpful.

“Ansible Roles” button is not clear what action is performing. Consider
renaming to “Run Ansible Roles” or whatever Ansible references in their
documentation, remove icon. We have been keeping button actions icon free
(or aiming to).

Text is not easily read. Users must scan excessively to find results: Is
it possible to remove unnecessary syntax and redo formatting to make more
readable? If not, would a search be helpful? How can we make this more like
the puppet output.

Level indicators