Weekly Dev/Design Meeting: Bookmarks and Search


Search and Bookmarks

Presented by Tomer

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Ensure what you can filter by is relevant to the user to reduce items in
list that will have no value.

I’ve seen alternate operators… such as in the screen below. Ensure that
none are duplicates. I’m not an expert on these operators but if one
standard language of operator could be used, that would be better.

Change error to “Architecturs” not recognized. It is redundant to
mention searching since they are already in in a search field.

I have a proposed design for search that would be more consistent with
patternfly and add additional functionality here depending on permission.
See below, feel free to provide feedback.

Perhaps have Public not be default and also add inline help to define
what Public is.

Is there any checking to see if duplicate names or searches are entered?

Gray line bounding box should be removed within modal.