Weekly Dev/Design Meeting: Facts and Trends


Facts and Trends

Presented by Marek

Title of Fact Values|Host name is inconsistent, but also inconsistent
throughout the application. A global solution should be brainstormed.

Can the nested items all be floated to the top in the table instead of
forcing a user to drill down or perhaps a different layout to accommodate
the nested items (folder icon, chevron, etc.)

Use chevron instead of colons for breadcrumbs

Action icon - convert to word button instead of icon.

Load for chart does not use spinner. Legend text is small.

Empty page should follow PatternFly start page. This page looks like they
(the user) did something wrong.

Is there an action that can be given on this page or craft a more detailed

Move towards new PatternFly Datavisualization charts.

“Trends for the last 30 days” layout can be improved to be more consistent
with the other UI’s.