Weekly Dev/Design Meeting: Management of Repositories


Management of Repositories

Presented by Brad Buckingham

For Sync Selected button - I think we were discussing buttons changing to
Actions with drop down.

Create Sync Plan - Button is not stylized to standard, and sync plan is not
in line.

Day and time switcher is not patternfly

Once sync plan is created you are left at the product page – not at Create
Product Page… suggest putting in modal since the process is not multi-step
and short.

Error messaging is not standard.

No products, should not be in a messaging box.

Action Button only has two options. Either change to “Action” with
remaining to options or breakout into two buttons.

Remove dividing line after search

Upload vs. Save… original create GPG Key has different buttons than edit
mode. Make the same to reduce confusion. I would recommend removing the
upload button and sticking with Save since that pattern is also found in
product creation.

Move help text to help icon/tooltip.

Form field label should be to the left of form.

Additional thought: If the form wasn’t limited to this area the text could
be expanded more and this would reduce the length of this form.

On highlight text is not visible in Content column.

Blue Upload button vs. Sync now?

Fix layout here. I can provide a layout for this.

Add Repository Column instead of drop down.

Help icon should be moved to Upgradeable and be visible all the time.

Application help icon doesn’t follow the help icon for other tooltips.