Weekly Dev/Design Meeting: Smart Capsules and Proxies


Smart Proxies & Capsules

Presented Ivan Necas

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Internal vs. external proxy indicator

Change active features to bullet list for easier readability

Row Labels should be bold.

Change refresh icon to button.

Title case for row labels.

When no Failed Features, display “No Failed Features” or redo layout to
have that information integrated into card (if they are related - demo did
not show failure state)

Change Pulp Storage to Donut

Evaluate if Red Delete is necessary here.

Show date for “CA Certificate Expiry Date” instead of estimate

Title case on cards

Auto-assign Entries should use a button (icon optional) vs. icon only

Host Managed change to card.

Make table standard with other tables.

Search Field is unlabeled.

When in empty state, say “No Results” vs. current text. If current text
is required, change title to “Search Suggestions” (in bold), left justify
text with bullets properly spaced to text.

The delete buttons are different. Are they required to be red?

I would change the “New” button to be more specific… “New INSERT WORD”.

Search should have a label.

Highlighted text is unreadable.

Search has no label.

Remove all caps from level, make sure this matches dropdown

Highlighted table column header “Time”, is not aligned with other labels.

Non-standard scroll and scroll is showing when it’s not needed.

Row highlight color differs from other table in same section.

Page is okay, but for a more aesthetic layout, each item could be put in
a card vs. list style (as shown). It would make the items easier to read
since the gaps can difficult to follow from left to right.

Errors need to be laid out better.