Weird cloud-init YAML passed to an ovirt-based VM


I've a really strange problem with Foreman 1.13.1 (updated from 1.11, 1.12)

  • oVirt 4.0.4. Basically I have an user data template (the "User Data
    default" that comes with Foreman) that should be applied and that appears
    as it should under
    https://foreman/unattended/user_data?hostname=my-ovirt-vm but the
    cloud-init user data actually sent to the machine is completely different,
    and bogus.
    I can see it as a "comment" in ovirt when the machine is starting, I can
    see it as a yaml file in the fake CDROM on first boot and I can even see it
    as a base64 encoded parameters to the qemu process on the ovirt host
    running the VM. The strange thing is that this bogus user_data contains
    some value that makes sense in my infrastructure (for example, the puppet
    snippet) but the order is scrambled and basically it doesn't work. It
    sounds really strange and probably nobody will answer but I'd like to now
    at least how can I debug it more thoroughly? I have just another user_data
    template in my system, the "Community User Data default" but it doesn't
    work either (and it's basically the same template); moreover, the Community
    templates were installed trying to solve this very issue.

Thanks in advance