What Admin is listed by Hammer?


When I user hammer user list it looks like this:

[root@satellite ~]# hammer user list
ID | LOGIN  | NAME        | EMAIL            | ADMIN | LAST LOGIN          | AUTHORIZED BY
4  | admin  | Admin User  | root@corp.com    | yes   | 2020/07/12 23:21:33 | Internal     
7  | jsmith | J Smith     | j.smith@corp.com | no    | 2020/07/12 22:29:19 | adcorp       
5  | sjith  | S Jith      | s.jith@corp.com  | no    | 2020/07/10 00:29:48 | adcorp       

When I do hammer role list, the list contains a lot of likely contenders:
Access Insights Admin,…,Default role,…,Manager, Organization admin, Remote Execution Manager, Site manager, System admin…

but adding a user to any of those roles doesn’t change the value of the Admin field in hammer user list.

Expected outcome:
There will be a role which, when a user is added to it, changes the value of the Admin field in hammer user list. Alternatively, there is documentation about the meaning of the Admin field in hammer user list.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Running hammer 0.19.2, RH7.8, sat 6.7.1

The admin option is a additional flag. It’s not a role. At least with foreman version 2.0.1 you can set it in the web frontend when editing a user or with hammer:

# hammer user update --help
    hammer user update [OPTIONS]

 --admin ADMIN                                     Is an admin account
                                                   One of true/false, yes/no, 1/0.