What happen when applying new content view to host?


I’m wondering whether all configurations(packages, puppet, …) for the previous content view disappears when new content view is applied, and if so, how it works??

No, it does not remove any packages from host when you change content view instead new content view packages, modules are made available to content host. This means if you run package update on content host it will give you new packages if they are available in content view repositories.


then, installation of all packages in CV occurs only once when provisioning new host?? (even though promote new version CV in satellite)

and if I install new package on a host directly using command like apt, can I see patching information for that package on foreman UI??

Yes, installation happens when,

  1. you install the system.
  2. schedule package installation or you do manually install new packages on content host,

you need to either have katello-agent or use remote execution plugin to install packages on system,


To report back new package changes on system as I know you need to have katello-agent on client, this will report back things to server where you should be able to see package version changes.

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thanks a lot!! everything is clear now :smile:

Welcome :+1: